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Author ~Orpheus~
Tags author:~orpheus~ easy fun short unrated
Created 2015-01-15
Last Modified 2015-01-15
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Description You're essentially a mouse at this point.

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one of my least favorite maps ;)


Your tiles are pretty cool aswell. Kindof expressive ^^

ehm not sure what his hand is doing?

2nd try AGD

speaking of gold patterns... [] I made up a few rules to follow for the gold to give it kind of a decaying, oozing look, also a bit reminiscent of sand in an hourglass... falling through cracks near the top, and lying on the ground near the bottom.
Basically, instead of having a literal rule like "3 gold pieces half a tile apart in a straight line, horizontal or vertical," I created a behaviour for the gold, and then I placed it where we wanted it and let it "react" to the obstacles in its way (in this case the tiles (I'd say the tiles were, by the way, also following a few behavioural patterns)). Anyway, I love playing around with that kind of high-concept pattern... It sounds like maybe that's what you had in mind for the "blood mines" here, so maybe you're already doing that. Hopefully you find my comment useful anyway :)

Gameplay here seems kind of weird and clunky, but also kind of creative and with surprising flow!
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You can different gold patterns that share a common element to tie them together. Example: this map here [] doesn't always repeat the same pattern but is still cohesive because all the gold clusters maintain a similar feel. That's something that I try to do with gold as well, and if that doesn't work, then I try to at least shake up the shape of my one pattern. A single line of gold can work, but it runs risk of looking very generic, in my opinion.

But don't take that as gospel! Just sharing my thoughts. You should discover your own mapping style, so I'll just shut up now. :D


yeah to be honest with this one i just made the tiles and was like, well what can i do with this :P mines were meant to be like drops of blood but yeah. what do you mean about gold? like different patterns. i wouldve thought itd look kindof messy with different arrangements of gold? :) thanks tho for tips :)
But I don't really like the object placement here. I generally don't like mines just floating about (though there are some exceptions), I prefer them within surfaces, but that's just me, other people will tell you different things. One thing you should definitely try is mixing up the gold placement and pattern a little more.

Keep in mind that all of this is basically criticism on a high level though. You're still doing great.


1st try AGD

Cool tiles!
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