Debi Derryberry

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch featured rated
Created 2015-01-22
Last Modified 2015-01-22
by 7 people.
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Description Pure as they come silly little action map dunno haven't been mapping much last couple of weeks.

This map was featured on 2020-09-01

As of September 2020, the last map krusch submitted was this underappreciated gem from early 2015. What really elevates this map—personally, at least—is its high degree of replayability from a highscoring perspective. However, this map also works nicely as a sprawling standalone level or as part of an episode. If this is truly krusch's last hurrah, he went off on a high note indeed. — ska

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I super remember this map. Great choice!

agd (116.050)

I beat the drone bottleneck.
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agd (113.225)

much faster.
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But I'll have a poke around for you.


any chance of making a map for Blur 5 for me? Something open with plenty of routes to try would be preferable!

If yes, please PM me on the forums... cheers!

A bit faster agd...

still improvable, obviously.

Beautifully made map.
Demo Data

Thanks guys.

Nice speedruns. I can't do that jump.

Here's an AGD.
Demo Data


Demo Data
I agree, the design is so cool
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Mediocre speedrun.

I really like the design of this map. 5 for the aesthetics alone.