Urban Warfare

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Author niccus
Tags action author:niccus playable rated
Created 2005-12-30
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description "So let me get this straight... I just need to collect a tiny piece of paper?"
"That's correct."
"What's on it?"
"Battle plans. Nothing more."
"What's the catch?"
"There's no catch... You simply need to go over there and fetch it back."
"So what makes this so difficult as to require my assistance?"
"...Well, you see, there are two paths..."
"Go on."
"You can go overground, but they have snipers posted in the buildings. It's a really rough place to go through."
"And if I go underground?"
"Well, it's a bit claustrophobic for someone of your agility, but you only need to contend with a few soldiers."
"Very well. I get to keep any cash I happen to... run by during the mission, don't I?"
"As always."


A bit laggy.

Yes, I'm a crappy writer.

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I'm fast.
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Its okay

I like the idea


4.5 my friend. I like the two routes.
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fun map...but you call six changuns a "few"?
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