Musashi Duels the Night and Prevails

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action arcana author:yahoozy editionone playable rated
Created 2015-01-23
Last Modified 2015-01-23
by 8 people.
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Description Mapdraft: Arcana []

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very pretty

again, tiles are pretty spot on, the figure is great. Gameplay is okay, nothing too special, felt like it could have builded up a little more. really liked the feel of the room between the two arms though.
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Pretty cool, though I'm not sure what is the "very deadly room" :p
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Super fun to flow around in.
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Awesome jump to the head of the sculpture.
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It is the silhouette of a samurai, isn't it?

What a blast!

Lovely sculpture, and everything flows beautifully. The chaingun seemed a bit useless, but that's cool — it prolly woulda been scarier if I could get to that chamber faster. Great work.
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