Auf eigene Gefahr

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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff chrise collab rockets unrated
Created 2015-01-25
Last Modified 2015-01-25
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Description Collab with ChrisE. He was the one who wanted a German title, blame him. :D Progress [] (lifdoff - ChrisE - lifdoff - ChrisE - lifdoff - NUMA)

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Really good map, you two. It would be a cool gimmick if the bottom launchpad was a teleporter.

ich lerne deutsch fur 6 jahren and I really suck at it.


ich bin ebenso aus Deutschland :).


It would be quite weird if I couldn't, seeing that I am German.

One question:

Can you speak german lifdoff?

Nice collab guys. lifdoff you are becoming a very good mapper, and player too, I hope to see more Metanet runs from you :D

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