BBBWJ practice

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Author Armaghan_Ali
Tags armaghan armaghan-ali author:armaghan_ali bbbjw macrohenry rated skill
Created 2015-01-30
Last Modified 2015-01-31
by 8 people.
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Description A map made by macrohenry [] for me to practice those jumps.
Thank you so much! :D

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Goddamnit, trance.

How did you work that out?
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for rating it 5 stars :D

didn't notice the edit, my b

first try

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Thanks so much! :D
Sweet map!
So simple and elegant.

Here i edited it

so it could be completed in a single go!
and yeah mohit before editing, 172 was maxed, according to mac.


This is the first time that I managed a BBBWJ. I feel accomplished now. :D
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is 171 possible?

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