Post and Courier

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Author lifdoff
Tags 1211 author:lifdoff collab jumper rated skype trance
Created 2015-02-09
Last Modified 2015-02-09
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Skype collab with trance/1211. As we both are jumper nuts, this was an easy choice. Somewhat inspired by SkyRay.

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Really nice

I really enjoyed this. The mine jump might be impossible in v2, so the switches are necessary. I also thought that switch near the mines was a red herring :D
But really fun and good gold and good everything. That bounce block usage at the start is great!

im a fan. I think looks really well balanced for a rigid hanging structure -I cant believe u guys pulled it off

Hey dude. I'll tell you how the Swans concert went the day after when my ears recover.


And I'll go one better than Tempus and post a no-switch demo xD

Really fun map, with plenty of options at the end on how to get to various areas. I really like the fact that the switches end up being optional, even though doing so raises the difficulty significantly.
Demo Data

Oh goodness.

Just realized that the second switch is actually possible. I was thinking it was just a red herring... whoops! Makes this much more reasonable.
You can skip it if you get the two switches.

I dunno, guys.

Super chill map — great atmosphere, lots of fun, easy jumps... and then that jump through the mines. It's just such a difficulty spike. I've gotten lots of cleaner runs than this, but they tend to end explosively. Still a great map, I just feel like the difficulty is kinda unbalanced or something.
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