40-0 The Socialist

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Author Vanquish
Tags 40-0 author:vanquish cryptic freedom rated series titleclue
Created 2015-02-11
Last Modified 2015-09-01
by 8 people.
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Secrets, Easter Eggs, Hidden Exits, and Cryptic Clues.
I present to you, The Cryptic Column!

I've been planning this column for quite some time now, and I'm really excited to finally get to do it now. The idea is this:
Each map in this column will have a secret exit hidden somewhere in it. There will be a clue hidden somewhere, either in the map, or the map description and title. There will be a variety of cryptic clues/puzzles in this column.
Title Clue: These are pretty straight forward. The clue for the secret exit will be in the title of the map. Have you ever played Super Mario 64? Try to think of it as getting a star in SM64 (though it wont be as easily decipherable as that). Tagged with 'titleclue'
Description Clue: Same as above, just in the description. May be in the form of a quote, anagram, irc quote, etc... Tagged with 'descriptionclue'
Observe Clue: Okay, now this one isn't as straight forward. This will require you to observe the map very carefully. Can be in the form of counting objects/tile formations or it can also be in the form of just simply pictures, symbols or curious formations. Tagged with 'observeclue'
Memory and Continuous Clues: Now some times the clues will continue on to the next level, or in other circumstances a map will need you to remember a main point or clue from a map in a previous episode. These wont be tagged, but it will be mentioned using one of the above clues (I hope that makes sense).

There will also be some smaller secrets, easter eggs, if you will. Things like short-cuts, hidden gold, hidden messages or even references to some upcoming map packs I'm working on (yes, I will be doing that). I'll let you come across those yourselves.
Now these are the only clues I have thought up yet, but as the column progresses I may add more if they are suitable. I will also accept suggestions too.
Now it's prize time. Whoever can find all the secret exits will win a big prize at the end of the column. Not sure what it is yet, but I know it will be worth it. I will release a pastebin at the end of the column revealing all of the easter eggs and hidden exits.
Anywhoo, enjoy the first level, and I know I've made a big deal about this, but like I said, I'm just really excited because I have lots of ideas.

P.S. Remember to always read the tags.

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Best map ever! :D []
Good luck with your column.

No problem. ;)
Change whatever you like and submit it please. It's about time you post a new map. ;)
:) []


now this [] is some really weird stuff. Change whatever you want.


Who starts?
after all, it took 3 weeks after we named it before I remembered to post it!
first try:
Demo Data

Was considering

Making a map with Mapdraft: Arcana [] but then I got the tarot segregatioN (Launch pads and one-waysmust be used to create areas of the map inaccessible to N1.4 or N2 players. The map must be abl to be completed.) but I have no idea what that means; I've missed a little in the recent days eg. all the hype of Nv2.0 but how does that work, inaccessible to those players, yet accessible to whom..?

well made

just feels a little trite. i guess being a column map that is ok.

improved run

Demo Data


Demo Data


We are gonna get in on this hot steamy collab action.
To see all these wonderful comments. Thanks guys!


Keep getting in the 1140s, just can't seem to beat Mohit. Sad sad day. Kinda frustrating map to high-score, actually; I can't tell when I've collected all the hidden gold. Not that that's a big deal, still a sick map1
Demo Data


Haha sometimes I am good at chimnneying.
Demo Data


Demo Data

Faster AGD

Now this is pretty fast demo in my opinion.
Demo Data


I posted it simply on N-reality leaderboard. You don't use N-reality? If not here is the demo, but I suggest you to play in N-reality, it's much better than nv1.4 and it has more episodes and more cool features.
Demo Data
I can't wait to find the secret exits in the following maps. ;)

Secret door speedrun:
Demo Data

love the way this looks Van -like a more minimalistic version of that (im not sure how to describe it-) layered pyramid/ structure growing like a xmas tree artistic design that is quite popular


fantastic concept, cant wait to see more
Demo Data

Oh yeah.

I also want in on this with some sweet, sweet collab action.

Demo Data


I cant find the AGD. Where did you post it?

Oh my

Had no idea how cheatable it is with the one-ways on the left. Oh well. Great demos guys and thanks for the comments.
@Tempus - This is so gonna happen.


This is amazing! Great map, wonderful idea. I would love love love to do some collabs with you for this column if you're down.


Amazing map, I love the secrets you have here (I posted agd revealing probably all secret places here)
Demo Data
I wanted to start the column off easy.
Also, thanks! It's gonna be hard but I'll do my best not to repeat the same thing.

Got it.

This is so awesome. I just hope you can keep it up in future maps without repeating yourself too much.
Demo Data