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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff jumper stream unrated
Created 2015-02-15
Last Modified 2015-02-15
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Description Jumper, made on livestream.

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You didn't like the map I showed to you (
This map is deceptively simple, and some of the jumps are deceptively hard. I can get the first jump 95% of the time, and the second, so far virtually 0% of the time.
I love the aesthetics too.


Figured a slightly different approach to get to the gold, seems much more consistent to me. Still a slight bobble at the exit, but overall a pretty clean run. Sub-1200 is probably possible, but not much beyond that I think.

Cool idea, fairly minimal in design but still challenging and holds a good variety of jumps.
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Not sub-1000, but I can't get that jump you do. Only gotten to the gold once so far, and ironically enough it was my first time to that jump when I wasn't even trying for the gold.
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Demo Data
Ok, here's it:

You're a tiny speck of dust, and you have unlimited air-jumps. Enjoy and good luck!
I thought you didn't know these series of maps and I wanted to show you them, you can actually play any map of that series.. ;)


Sub-1000 definitely possible.
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