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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy minejumper playable rated
Created 2015-02-21
Last Modified 2015-02-21
by 10 people.
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Description Screech screech

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any plans?

hey mate,

Want to collab out a few maps in the next while? I'm thinking we need to do more than one or two so we get the best ideas out


super well structured. Works really well, has some maze-like qualities, just enough to make it interesting to navigate. Gausses can be slightly on the annoying side but are mostly fine. Floorguard-y bit at the bottom is a nice change of pace. Works well in a final gauntlet-y way, having been jumping around awkwardly but mostly at your own pace it's interesting the pressure the floorguards put on you.
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Addictive map.

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really really good

excellent use of space throughout; the mine dodging is a little on the easy side, but it doesn't hurt the map
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You used the tileset quite well.

So good

agd. Great fun
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Thanks guys

Last two maps I had been toying around with for probably over a month, never satisfied with how they came out (tends to happen when the only idea I have are some tiles to lay down). Glad you boys like the final iteration

i'm glad you continue to invent, yahoozy. your maps are always a good experience.
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gausses are surprisingly effective, almost annoyingly so given the length of the map.