Ballroom Ritual

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Author the23
Tags author:the23 metamorph unrated z230340
Created 2015-02-23
Last Modified 2015-03-01
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Description Retile of 25-3 Rocket Run.

I will retile all twenty maps and I will tag the best three.

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Selected to metamorph.

Completetion demo

I have tried this, but it's hard for me and I died too much in this map to like it. I found the exit switch area to be very annoying, I died a lot here.

That doesn't mean this map is bad, just hard for me.
Demo Data

Anyhow, yes, I almost finished, I just need to publish them, thank you for your interest, bro!
By the way, try this one, is super fun and pretty intense! XD
Because then you will have to do 10 retiles in 5 days.