Devil's, Inc.

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff jumper rated
Created 2015-02-26
Last Modified 2015-02-26
by 14 people.
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Description Playtested by DW40.

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Whenever I see a thumb of a map that uses e-tiles with mines on each side, I think somebody has invented miniature tile circles.
And that's not very fun. :/

Nice demo macro.

Most of that was actually as intended. For the gold cluster on the right, the jump was intended to be done with right border of the map and the switch on the bottom left was supposed to be gotten by dropping down, but those are small things. You had the general route down pretty well.

Nice Map

and for me really hard!
@macrohenry, well done

@lifdoff - Ich kämpfe noch mit den IRC PlugIns von chrome. ich melde mich spätestens sonntag.

Is this made by the devil?


Probably not the intended route, but I can't find another way than dropping down after activating the second switch. But even though I didn't find the optimal solution I'm sure this is extremely well constructed and cleverly thought out. I'm impressed. Collecting the gold was so much fun and the whole map looks stellar. 5aved.
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