It All Breaks Apart

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff jumper rated
Created 2015-03-10
Last Modified 2015-03-10
by 13 people.
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Description So, today's my 20th birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than one of my jumpers? I haven't been here long, but you guys are an awesome community, and I love you all. <3

Please rate, comment and, of course, enjoy! Playtested by ska for maximum enjoyability, thanks a lot mate.

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And happy womb escape!

Ironic title

Broke ma foot
...but it was worth it

Good map!
Demo Data
high-quality jumper as always
I enjoy this map. I can't get any of the top things, though, XD

Nice, too tricky

Maybe you found it easier, but it's harder than I like to play :/
As usual though, impeccable aesthetics and some satisfying-to-get jumps.


It's not actually that hard, maybe you're just making it more complicated than necessary? Here's an AGD for reference.
Demo Data

I can't work out how to do this map. It's too hard for me :p
10th of March = awesome.

Happy Birthday

And high five to you, we have the same day.
We're quite glad to have you. Will have to play later, but this looks like another lovely map.

To many years ahead!