Everything that has a beginning has an end

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Author Epic4ever
Tags author:epic4ever ctr dda kra kradda rated
Created 2015-03-13
Last Modified 2015-03-13
by 14 people.
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Description Don't take it the wrong way.

I'll be here lurking in the shadows.

Waiting for that perfect moment to strike.

And this is it, the moment of truth.

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I have no idea how you all manage to do this haha. This had so many close calls. 5


This is fantastic. Good job. 5aved.

You leaving?

That's a shame. Good luck out there!


that bit at about 1580 frames is so smooth


for the votes though I would really appreciate it if those kind souls that voted would speak up!

This is amazing.

Have a speedrun for the hell of it.
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