Galaxy Damage

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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff chaingun cheez collab gauss rated
Created 2015-03-16
Last Modified 2015-03-16
by 13 people.
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Description Collab with MyCheezKilledYours. Progress [].

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Amazingly constructed. Pretty much agreed with krusch Faved!
Demo Data
the e-tiles aren't bad either

Demo Data
I like the tile style. It's distinctive looking and elicits the fun 4-tile playstyle. The progression of gausses, floorguards and drones to the rocket at the switch is cool, and the menacing chaingun shadow is effective, and provides a good challenge for AGD with the top right gold at the start. The gauss and floorguard combo at the bottom is very well laid out. I also like the form of the map, the way it grows from the top right corner of the frame.

4 ninjas.
I think the use of enemies could have been more creative in this map. They were pretty lackluster. Surface seeker or zap drones, possibly ones unlocked when the exit switch is activated, could have made for a more interesting map. 3.5v/5
and you make some amazing tilesets
it looks very crystal-ish, like when you grow crystals. whatever that means.