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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy gaunt playable rated
Created 2015-04-04
Last Modified 2015-04-15
by 12 people.
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Description Gaunt entry by Yahoozy

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by shortsifft
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Demo Data


plays like a race at the top. once again, you've proven yourself to be skillful in map layout and creating interesting flow in unique ways. despite the heavy mine placement and high density of enemies, the map plays surprisingly easily; it has a dreamy atmosphere. nothing really stood out to me as exceptionally interesting, but as others have said, it's quite cohesive and well constructed.

Hello sir.

Just wanted to let you know that each member only gets one entry for Gaunt. Choose wisely.

oh hot damn

this is such a fun adventure!


It always amazes me how you weave so many seemingly incompatible sections together into one complete work.
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each part is very well thought out. very very fun to play.
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This map is great. I had a lot of fun while playing.
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This is great.

Not too difficult, but offers a lot of different challenges while still feeling cohesive.

Good work, as always. 5/5.

Veeeeeeery slow AGD below.
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