Cube Vines

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Author Slepnev
Tags author:slepnev bitesized incomplete rated
Created 2005-12-31
Last Modified 2005-12-31
by 20 people.
Map Data

Description No time to make a proper level, so I made it a very simple race for now.

I'm sure someone's done this kind of tileset before. If anyone shows up, I'll be happy to give credit :-) If anyone wants to make something out of the tileset, I'll be happy too.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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And AGD. I like how this map flows.
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Yes. Good map.
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another breath takingly brilliantly simple designed map that weve all needed. does what i said make sense? does anything make sense. w/e

Incredible tileset


Another route

I just discovered a funny route in this level. Instead of 1,2,3,4,5, you go 3,2,1, then up the left wall, then fly past the exit (completing the level), and the ninja ends up dancing on the tile with the exit switch. This route also has nice close calls.


This is only my opinion, but I think it is more of a fast-paced action map than a race map.


I had no idea anyone would like this level at all. Thanks, everyone! Should I take it out of the "Incomplete" category, and into "Race"?

Awesome tileset!

The tileset is so trippy... O.o
It's alot different too.
Good map.
Nice work. 4.5 and faved.
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Beautiful tiles.

And it plays quite well too.

good map

i like it its fun and its in my style so 4,5/5