27-0: Touch the Sky

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry easy-medium-ish launchpads puzzle rated series
Created 2015-04-18
Last Modified 2015-04-18
by 12 people.
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Description Puzzle-ish action. Enjoy!

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Hot damn that's cool. Great little trap, the upper gold was a blast to collect, and it looks sexy as hell. 5aved.

You think we could make some 5mm today at IRC?

I'm at IRC right now again ;)

27 is my favourite number in the whole alphabet, well, alphabet was not the word, anyway, it is my favourite number. Your 27th episode must be outstanding, and you started it well. Awesome starter map, I didn't find it puzzly at all, but it is enjoyable as hell. It flows really well, passages are fun, and the rocket provide a really good challenge/gameplay while
collecting top gold. It is the macrohenry I love to see, and you really deserve a 5/5. I hope to see an awesome episode. Seriously. ;)


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that people appreciate your work. Thank you. :)


Agreed with everyone below!


Also, love the visual style. :)


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Second try AGD.

After falling into the predictable trap on first try.

This is pretty effing cool.
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fun map!

I really like the waves and the top gold was very nice to collect.
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also I like dem waves


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