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Author script
Tags action author:script hard hashtaghashtag octothorpeoctothorpe unrated
Created 2015-04-20
Last Modified 2018-04-21
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Description I hope everybody has a great day today.

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I see comments from you almost every time I post and I really appreciate that. I shall return the favor soon and we should collab in the future!

Aww, thanks!

That means a lot to me, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Here's my agd:
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very entertaining map, the flow is great and the replay value... Well, as you can see. made my day!
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that was racey
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this map reminds me

how addicted I once was to this game
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fools' gold
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why suds
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especially when you wish people a good day haha. the same to you, too!

dumb death demo. loving the flowiness of this
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