fire and flame

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Author Yoke3000
Tags author:yoke3000 fire flames gold mines rated tileset
Created 2015-04-26
Last Modified 2015-04-26
by 9 people.
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Description After nearly a month I am back with a new map. i like the map very much.

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Somehow faster than the others
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The other 1% just listen to bad music

first of all, amazing tiles. even just for the tiles, this map is really cool. however, this level is stuck in between action and minejumper in a slow and awkward way. not necessarily a bad thing, as tiki said it's an adventure, but it feels a bit weird sometimes. my only complaint is at the bottom it takes some time to get the gold with all the one ways with almost no challenge involved, so something to keep you on your toes a little would help. overall pretty good map, really nice to see. 4/5
reminds me of riobe and pheidi style-wise. nice!
although a gauss or a chaingun would do good here
Awesome map. I really dig it. 5/5
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Oh, sorry I've probably misunderstood :/.

I said I CAN`T think of anything to change. So nothing, it's perfect as is. 5/5
tiki854: What I could in your opinion change on this map?

I love the tiles

Tiles are great. 5aved. I saw this on Nv2.

Derpiest AGD ever

This is an adventure. I took my sweet time on this run, and I enjoyed myself throughout. I can't think of anything I'd change about this map.
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