27-1: Number One

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Author macrohenry
Tags action adventure author:macrohenry laser medium series unrated
Created 2015-04-28
Last Modified 2015-04-28
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Description Enjoy! :)

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Man, your maps are just intimidating to look at. Where do I go? Who knows! Let's go explore.
It's been fun going through your archive, you're a great mapper. I'ma keep going later, just lemme know if all these notifications are getting irritating yet ;)

Cool map man, and I like the prominent diagonal lineS running from bottom left corner. agd in n2 editor u'll have to trust me heh -I did what u did except managed to jump that little gap under the top gauss but later got distracted by the jumping up through the mines challenge near the exit button so didn't realise ur nice quicker way
you're really on a roll with your mapping skills! you recent output is amazingly soild and very influential to me. keep it up!


but you forgot to rate. ;)


Cool map. I dig the one tiles, and the laser is excellent. 5/5
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