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Author script
Tags action author:script concentricity featured gaunt numacon rated
Created 2015-05-01
Last Modified 2015-05-01
by 6 people.
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Description ripples wander, water remains

This map was featured on 2015-09-18

Ripples wander, water remains.

Toss a stone in the glassy pond. Droplets fly airborne, crests curl upward, and the pond shakes with turbulence. Then watch. Slowly, the water stills; slowly, the smooth surface reforms, and the pond emerges unblemished.

Be as water.

Let laser waves course through you, untouching. Let the rocket's roar shake your essence, distort your fibers, displace your being; but hold yourself true. Bend without breaking. Surround yourself within yourself, and none shall harm you. Let violence ripple through you; then, like the glassy pond, realign and stand unscathed.

Center yourself, ninja.
Find your concentricity. — Tempus_Fugit

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beautiful map

that tile layout is crafted very cleverly.
you nailed it with the style.
instructional, really. a shining example of great design.

striking aesthetics

one of the best entries by far. gameplay was predictable 6/7 tile fare, but fun and diverse.

So sexy.

5/5. Speedrun.
Demo Data

Looks cool

The floorguard is out of place, and unnecessary


lovely slopes, lovely mechanically


Demo Data

looks cool