02-4: Towards the Core

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff countdown unrated
Created 2015-05-11
Last Modified 2015-05-11
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Very intriguing.

The tiles are simply astonishing, and the concept is cool. I wish you could do the gold in different orders; I think that would make it more interesting, but I can't think of an easy way to implement it without breaking the map. The chaingun was a great call. Solid four.
it must be because you're new

this map is amazing

And he also thinks that collab maps has a single step, go and go-back, and no as many steps as the 'partners', the authors wants to make the map pleasant for themselves, neither dialogue. He was a nice guy, though.


Don't pay much attention to Chrdrenk, lifdoff, he strangely thinks that collab maps are mandatory instead of collaborative...


You can submit it. There's no reason why it should be in my episodes, if you made the tiles and change some of my objects.

first try AGD

Cool concept, looks nice and plays smoothly!
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