The Red Tunnel

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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff hard minejumper rated
Created 2015-05-15
Last Modified 2015-05-15
by 5 people.
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Description Minejumper. Not too difficult, but kinda long. Built around the finish, which I would consider to be seriously awesome.

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Oh, cool. That's too bad.
Dunno why, but that's how it works.


How come you can't edit?


Now I'm seeing that mine too, but I can't edit it anymore.

But I'm glad that people seem to be liking this concept and the map. <3
But the gameplay needs some work.


Not quite my usual style, more of a speedrunny run here. Was a bit surprised by the finish, not really what I was expecting to find. Still pretty cool though, really like this.
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I think I found

the hidden mine. Really caught me by surprise when I died seemingly out of nowhere.
Demo Data

AGD. fun map, a couple mines that you should edit out or change. []
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This is the hidden mine, I agree it sucks.
Demo Data
My only quarrel is that almost hidden mine, it breaks the theme