Earth Dome

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Author lsudny
Tags action author:lsudny featured rated
Created 2015-05-17
Last Modified 2015-05-17
by 9 people.
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Description 01-2 from a mappack I abandoned. hope you like it!

This map was featured on 2017-11-13

Capturing nature within N is really difficult to pull off, but creates some really unique and exciting environments. In this map lsudny has actually taken it a step further, and gone for nature rampant and overgrowing civilisation. The resulting atmosphere is spectacular, and the gameplay is no exception to this. — _destiny^-

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thanks destiny! means a lot!

looks cool


Love them tttiiiillleeeesss


it's a good 'un this


reminds me of furry_ant. can't go wrong with those trees

Mmmm I remember this map. Lovely author, lovely tiles. I was a bit let down by the gameplay; I feel like the map was punishing me for going with the obvious paths, but still pretty cool. Hope you're well!

opening numa for the first time in weeks and this is what I find... congrats!
..and same to you. I always enjoyed playing your maps.

We'll see, how my motivation goes within the next weeks. At least I'm glad, to not be the only one being here again. :3

true words.

nmaps is pretty lifeless compared to former times.

hehe. I've got a new PC, which is able to let me play N without any problems. So I decided to have a look and may create new maps.

Same to you. :)

What's you reason, for being back here?

..well, a little disappointing, bot ok. Guess it's better this way.

all is good

just doing life stuff and all but everything's been gucci
It's English Philology. I feel like this is what I was meant to go for (easy, fun and interesting). I know I quit Engineering, losing 3 years in result, but man, this is so much better.


No problem, dude. Glad to see you again.
I've been living the usual - uni, exams, tests, whatever else.
I'll do something to the map soon. I am being sick this week, so it might take some extra time, sorry.

whoop here we go.
Nice to have you back. Yeah, some stuff changed but its still good ol numa. I'm up for a collab. Wanna me whip up a tileset?

no czesc
Not bad mate.. not bad.
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Happy Birthday!

Special present from Tempus and I.
19lsudny []

Hi lsundy!

Could you check your PMs on the forums. I sent you a message.
Cool map, btw. I love the tileset.


Added ya.
<<< Jordan

I'd love to! Rest assured, I've got plenty of experience in Skeletal Elasticity Solutions.
I don't do IRC, but I'd be happy enough to hop on some time, or just work through here or facebook or whatever. Your choice!

buenas noches.

up wut?
plees 4give mi. My life got too busy
I can relate to your words - as you can see, I kind of slowed down playable map production. Mostly tilesets, they don't require complex mechanics, or mechanics at all. And that's exactly why I don't make that many playables now - mechanics I put in those are too basic.
Given that, we could collab on a tileset or two, in a relaxed manner.

Also, thanks for all those words about my stuff, it means a real lot to me!
whenever you wish. I also would like to collab with you, I see you among the best in both tiles and mapping overall.

You know, I don't feel myself that good. Decent, not more.

there we go

I changed your description at my profile.

Also, I remembered this story with monk you have here. Thanks for that!
facebook is the only option, unless we can just shoot collabs through here
really good tilesets combined with really good gameplay

i can only usually make good tilesets, i fall flat on gameplay usually. idk how you do it


sadly i've lost the original. i recreated it as best as i remember but some of the charm might be gone :( i dont remember how exactly it looked.
here []

here you go!

“I remember clearly that it was about 5 p.m. on November 25. I was just finishing an assignment photographing retired military soldiers bidding farewell to their comrades at the train station. On my way out, I heard someone yelling from a corner and soon after lots of people gathered around. I ran towards the sound and made my way to the front of the crowd, only to find an old man dead on the bench. As I raised my camera, a Buddhist monk walked out of the crowd and went directly towards the dead man. The monk bent down to hold the old man’s hand and started to chant scriptures. I began to take pictures immediately. One minute later, police came over and cordoned off the area. After the monk finished the ceremony, he bowed to the old man and quickly disappeared among the other busy passengers.”

Reminds me of some old furry_ant and Viil maps in terms of aesthetics. Very nice.
Rocket room was a bit awkward, but a nice map overall.
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5/5. Have an AGD.
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*looks at tiles*