27-2: Ancient

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Author macrohenry
Tags action author:macrohenry medium series tiles tileset unrated
Created 2015-05-23
Last Modified 2015-05-23
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Description Sorry for the kinda lame gameplay. This was originally meant to be posted as a tileset only but I decided to fill it with life. :D

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Thanks, Tempus.

Your version plays like an entirely different map. I like it. :)


Here's a quick but drastic edit [].
The tileset is definitely better than the gameplay, I agree. The chaingun section is decent, but doesn't have enough going on to be interesting; you just grab some gold and get out. The drones weren't fun to get past, though I dig the door trick. I think these tiles lend themselves well to gauss and chainguns; maybe a single chain near the exit would have worked better.

Sorry for the delay

Added a little bit more []
Not sure what to put in the top right corner though. I like how this is turning out though

Thank you macro!

What a lovely surprise! This made my day. <3


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