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Tags author:palemoon unrated
Created 2015-05-23
Last Modified 2015-05-23
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First try AGD

Demo Data

thank you!

how do you do that? I've been wanting to get into making glitch art and this one's probably pretty simple, but do you do it manually or is there an algorithm of some sorts?

aw man

thanks, but I was actually looking for *your* glitched version of that pic. do you have it somewhere?
have you, by any chance, got a full picture for your love each other pack? There's only this little banner on your profile, and I'm looking for that glitched photo that was originally taken in an airport or something. it was really lovely. thanks in advance:3


I like this a lot. I think another chaingun on the right would have made this a lot more exciting, but it's still fun.

Demo Data