flying islands (aids remix)

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Author Aidiera
Tags aids-remix author:aidiera featured puzzle rated seekers yoke3000
Created 2015-05-28
Last Modified 2017-04-13
by 5 people.
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Description Sometimes you just get really inspired, ya know?

flying islands []

This map was featured on 2015-12-13

As you may have noticed, NUMA is back. (Yay!)

This obviously demands celebration, and what better celebration than a new feature?

But what map could be worthy of such a momentous occasion? I went through my favourite puzzles, action maps, jumpers – and then I found this.

Imitating someone else is hard, meshing your own and someone else's style is harder, and doing it all with such an intricate and complex map is nothing short of amazing, yet Aidiera does it with ease.

NUMA is back – let's hope that maps of this quality will continue to come with that. — lifdoff

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This one was really smart. Good choice lifdoff. I hope NUMA becomes more active though.
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Good job. 5aved.
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The first on NUMA who was inspired of my map.
However, your version of my map was harder than my version, but I had a lot of fun playing. 5aved!
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