south african murmaid castle

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Author blacklef
Tags africanambient author:blacklef crimson lordmurmaid unrated
Created 2015-05-30
Last Modified 2015-05-30
Map Data

Description stomp stomp flash spike swish

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Thanks! I dig it.

Heya! Mass collab's ready for you. Take room eight; no locked doors please, and try to avoid one-ways between rooms. Make any edits necessary to the rooms next to you so that they synergize nicely; whoever gets room nine will get to edit yours if necessary. We're trying to keep as many routes open as possible.

Knock yerself out!

Awesome. I'll send it around when it's ready for ya; won't be for a while, most likely.

Hey blacklef, would you wanna take part in a mass collab map?

heh cool

Hey, Blacklef :) funny, just realised this map looks a bit like a new map I'm making (it will also have jagged edges -the tiles are not ready> )