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Author blacklef
Tags 600mph author:blacklef cantstop puzzleagain unrated
Created 2015-06-18
Last Modified 2015-06-18
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Description 100%

edited version because Im dumb.

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i take it back.

i messed up mine.


sparta you messed up your demo.
Demo Data


It was quite tricky to get into that box, but wasn't impossible as i thought. Now, that i found the way to do it, i can say the difficulty level is close to perfect for me. Aesthetics are very good as well.

Slow AGD:
Demo Data

I managed to get into the box, but I died due to the laser. This is far too hard, sadly.

I still don't get it. Is this possible? (Post-edit)

Cool cool ^^

I will check the map tomorrow (i can't play now, 'cause i'm on my phone and it's late).
drone control works fine, the top part seem to harsh I'll edit it.

P.S Im so sorry, I forgot about it I'll be available all this weekend. I'll contact you
I mean, i can't get into that box on the top - tried both sides (i couldn't even reach the left side without moving ninja there btw.). Maybe it's about the physics i don't understand? Anyways, a completion demo would be nice to see.

P.s.: I'm still waiting, you know for what.

Cool concept, however it is far far too hard. I spent 20 minutes cheating by respawning in Ned, I still couldn't beat it.