In and Out

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Author calamity7
Tags action author:calamity7 comeback droneconcept playable unrated
Created 2015-06-22
Last Modified 2015-06-22
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Description Been seven years since I used to play this. Just happened to come across it on my old computer and was feeling nostalgic I guess haha. Anyway, was going through old maps and found this pretty neat. Decided to remove some drones to make it a bit easier. It's still a little challenging but she works. Looks like hell but the play is worth it. Enjoy!

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Welcome back!

This is a great concept!

great idea

well executed, welcome back!

hey there!

no way

Well thank you

I appreciate that. I have quite a few unfinished maps that I might tweak if I have the time. Honestly I'm not sure if I still have it in me lol but it's great to be back and see there are still great maps being made and authors pushing the boundaries

Also AGD.

Demo Data

Welcome back!

You should hang around, this place needs more mappers that know what they are doing.

In case it wasn't clear, you know what you're doing.

Good map.