Spiked Bohemian Shroomdangle Extreme

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Author Kaprekar
Tags author:kaprekar lifdoff lofdiff unrated
Created 2015-06-25
Last Modified 2015-06-25
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Map Data

Description (With extra spikes) It has been a while! But check it out people! A fantastic collab with my new friend Lofdiff! []

Then Randy started writing stuff and I became confused:

<RandomDigits> secret in the pinacle
<RandomDigits> stress shoes
<RandomDigits> sincere tresspassers
<RandomDigits> extraneous line-wait
<RandomDigits> the telepath wrote the song
<RandomDigits> reason quite
<RandomDigits> reason quit*
<RandomDigits> how about some survivors
<RandomDigits> world class imposteur
<RandomDigits> your blasphemy is my gift
<RandomDigits> heh
<RandomDigits> union cobweb
<RandomDigits> stampede away
<RandomDigits> you train the birds to sing
<RandomDigits> with wings they fly their kites
<RandomDigits> multitortoise
<RandomDigits> innovative peace
<RandomDigits> fine I'll stop

P.S. Miss you Ingy. :(

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:o meta still plays
Demo Data

Perfect difficulty.

The teleporters are very cool too. 5/5

Slow AGD.

Demo Data


teleporters. Nice map

Is this possible? I can't figure it out
including these gems:
<RandomDigits> i was born young
<RandomDigits> let us retreat
<RandomDigits> head conjurer

good to see you. this map is pretty aggravating :((

Good fun!

I really like how this turned out. I hope you're back for good now. :D