out of our orbit

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Created 2015-07-04
Last Modified 2015-07-04
by 11 people.
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Description tiles for looking at

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hm I wonder if the ninja would've been better in the air somewhere to suggest motion


Really love these tiles!

sweet tiles


tiki tilesets are a very old tradition for n maps. enemies aren't necessity.


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Jealousy aside...

these are some sexy tiles. Very nice


where are the enemies? All the praise for sexy tiles, but it's like the praise you give a painting that was never finished. "Oh, it could've been the best painting ever, so let's just imagine it as the perfection it could've been."

really sexy

youre awesome

fuckin faved


This looks fantastic.

nice look.

could use more enemies.

Lovely tiles.

Great use of 4-tiles.
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here's the your demo copied since that wont be happening anytime soon
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this one
looks pretty cool, reminds me of that one palemoon tileset