Glass Ceiling

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Author ChrisE
Tags author:chrise lasers unrated
Created 2015-07-08
Last Modified 2015-07-08
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Description 813

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i have one complaint, two lasers is one too many.
if there was one laser then there would be less stopping involved with getting around. it got repetitive to get gold and loop all the way around to the next gold. admittedly i made mistakes and could have been more efficient, but there is still that looping aspect that takes just a bit too long. also, as the map progresses the lasers get desynced which makes the map way harder. see demo for why:

(overall 4/5 cuz i still had tuns of fun, i think you should try making this map again and see if you can improve on my critiques)
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But all in all this was not as much fun as I expected it to be.
Very addictive! Challenging and fun!

*mind gets blown*
*selects 5 (flawless)*
*clicks on Rate*
*rests in peace*