super nintendo sega genesis

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Author Sunset
Tags author:sunset door-eerie unrated
Created 2015-07-10
Last Modified 2015-07-10
Map Data

Description ded map to fonda [] for inspiration

edited because i didn't reset

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pretty cool idea, think u could do something with this
Demo Data



get a real keyboard ok?
how about meeting up on IRC today?

well thank you!

I always considered my maps to be kinda subpar in terms of gameplay just because I don't use any creative concepts or anything. but it's nice to hear that from an old friend, since we don't talk too much, haha. would love to collab with you for subdark once I restore my mapping skills!

holy shit a door-eerie


in the same way 1 and ! are on the keyboard, delete and insert are the same key


you've taken an old (almost retired) genre and turned it into something fresh