Creativity Test 1.0a

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Author SpartaX18
Tags adventure author:spartax18 everything nothing race something unrated
Created 2015-07-29
Last Modified 2016-06-10
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Description -It's a race!
-It's an adventure map!
-No, it's just yet another of SpartaX18's weird shi...

Okay, so, surprisingly, this appeared on 2.0's popular page very quickly, so i decided to post it here. To be honest, i don't think it's a great map, but well... i didn't make any since last month, so it's always something...


Link to the 2.0 version:

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Thanks, pal!

Good to know people still check out my maps ^^


this map is really cool. 2nd try agd:
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I can barely play 2.0 given that I've been playing with the old physics for over a decade.

Didn't think about that. They aren't very important anyway.

AGD - fun map!

it's possible to walljump upwards through downward facing oneways in 1.4
Demo Data


1.4 physics are just too terribl...
I'm very unfamiliar with them, i mean...
I'll test this when I'm on computer in the evening =D