Swallow Hole

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Author DaggaFork
Tags action author:daggafork featured minejumper playable rated
Created 2015-07-29
Last Modified 2015-07-30
by 16 people.
Map Data

Description the irony is that had you just waited a little longer the snake would've pooped you out

This map was featured on 2019-05-05

The slow-burning minejumper presented here in "Swallow Hole" is quite a leviathan. Players make haste towards the piles of gold with an almost carefree attitude, but such feelings don't last for long! What begins with an easy sprint through the tubes ends with the player knee-deep in mines; a one-man bomb squad frightened of the viper's kiss. — PALEMOON

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dope I already had this faved good choice

first things first: yea im the coolest

and tempo_fuggo that's too real []

thanks for the feature PALEMOON <3 next time i'll thank my featurer in 0.1 microseconds because the clocks apparently ticking
This map got me hooked the longer I played it. You might be able to save some time near the end with a well-timed boost of the penultimate triangle tile, but I think this run is good enough for now. I love the race-infused elements that come through exploring this map. Excellent feature. Cheers.
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i hate it when people dont give thanks for a featured map, especially an eleventh featured map, do you think this makes you cool dagga? do you think you're better than us? i dont mean to make you sound like a jerk, this was your own behavior, you just might want to think about it, bro, okay. simply that, bro.

great choice

gonna have some fun with this one again


I was just looking at this map the other day, good timing! I’ll play it when I get home


seem to be getting lots of AGDDs lately ._.

Map's sweet. I love how flowy it can get at points. Feels like it's tempting you to move faster
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MY GAWD. it;'s beautiful


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I like this map.

The gameplay of this map is very nice, because the farther you the output the higher the difficulty.
Only the gold I do not like for some reason.
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great map!
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ur on fire lately


nice to see you're still around, zoasBE!

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Just, I absolutely love it!

The drawing you did with the snake, the magic of it, the subtle reversal in perspective when we arrived at the head, is really an artistic well-done work. Bravo! Gameplay, golds, and everything is superb!

5/5, Dagga!