tomb of xeno

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Author cactae
Tags author:cactae cactae numa still strong unrated xeno
Created 2015-08-02
Last Modified 2015-08-02
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Description the fossilized cave was rumoured to contain pressurized spirits in certain chambers. the centuries of rites performed in these corridors have tinged the air with a gloomy malevolence

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I dunno if you saw

I posted a red-mist inspired map [] a few days ago

Here we go.


Sorry, totally forgot about our collab. I'll get something done today or tomorrow.

same with you!

i've gone through a lot of styles over the past 5 years, but i think you've (and most everyone else, from what i've been able to tell) stayed to a style for so long that you've mastered it. interesting mapping with you, even if we did just make an sort-of-atob rip-off map lol

i'll submit it now

i like it!

aye here



Playin' it safe.
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so well planned out and so flowy and nice
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