Luxury Art

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork featured hello hello-hey-hi hey hi playable rated
Created 2015-08-09
Last Modified 2015-08-09
by 15 people.
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This map was featured on 2017-04-05

Technical, beautiful, frustrating, fulfilling. This map is a work of art. It’s impossibly dazzling; it’s confusing like a distraction pattern. When I first saw it I half expected the ninja to float out into the center, then rise up through the grey and red brushstrokes toward the switch. The expectations are high, all right — don’t expect something easy to digest. After all, this is modern art. I hope you can afford it. — script

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What, I never commented on this? Definitely one of my favorite Dagga maps, though I do have lots of those. So stylish.

It looks good,

But it's really hard.

Objects are spammy?

But apparently not one cares anymore?

Ah, yes.

I like this a lot. There's an interesting variety of uncommon manoeuvres, and the map's aesthetics blends the 'piece' together nicely.

not for everybody

as the name would imply hehe

Thanks script,

this made my day! This is one of my favourites of my own maps. The picture in the description is a painting in my grandparent's house.


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liked the first jump a lot + upper left corner


This map is incredible! Very Yahoozy, but still unique. Very fun.
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closest I'm gonna get for now. Reallllly cool dude. Hope this gets lots of attention. Like the connection between the map and the image too
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one of my fav maps I've played this year. Really really cool. Done all the bits individually, haven't managed to string it together yet. Giving it a shot though

When I first looked at it I thought it wasn't going to be possible. But it's just real hard. Interesting map