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Author lifdoff
Tags action author:lifdoff chainguns floorguards hard-ish radiumfalcon rated
Created 2015-09-03
Last Modified 2015-09-03
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description Inspired, somewhat at least, by Radium's excellent mappack SORROWSPELL. Y'all should check that one out, seriously.

Playtested by macro.

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You'll go far kid.




I worked out all the maths and did the whole post and whatever and its disappeared somehow. not in my outbox sent or drafts zzz. Anyway in short, you put tempus' Funhouse in your list twice, so if you fix up the list we can sort out the final standings.


check your PMs on the forums

The fact that

You called my map dope :D

Very nice!

Dig the clean aesthetic; chainguns used to great effect.

Wonderful map

Very fun and challenging.

This is a good map

But I had to play it in editor. I can't open any maps on NReality V.6 or NReality V.7. Anyone have an idea why???


I had a lot of fun with this. ;)
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but cleaned up the item placement to be more relaxing and minimal
Excellently designed level. Requires some tricky maneuvering without being overly difficult.
Here's a slightly faster AGD.
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Mildly faster. I'm off to bed now. Thanks for a lovely map!
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Thar we go. Faved, prolly fived. I love me a good chaingun.
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It's not that tough a map but I keep playing like a dipshit. Really enjoying it thus far!
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