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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit chainguns kra rated rocket
Created 2015-09-04
Last Modified 2015-09-04
by 5 people.
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Description A KRA! Heavily inspired by woutery's song titles [], though they play totally different and my tiles are way uglier.


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Thought I'd let you know here, too
I don't know. I've always been a sucker for difficult maps.
Btw, tempus, I sent you a PM on the forums, if you get a chance.


here we go:
I tried to synnergize with other rooms, as well as to keep it clean.
It was fun!



Ha! I thought I moved that pad down enough. Nicely done :P
Thanks for the comments, all. I'll take 'em into account on my next stab.


Sorry, Tempus. Had to do it. :P
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yeah this is a funny one. I don't find it too difficult, it's tricky but not overly so. The overall structure of avoid tiles with rocket following you -> use tiles to protect from chain gun is really cool. I think woutery's right in it being a bit too open though. Somehow it's not as enjoyable in such a large space, the KRA part especially would benefit from a little more direction. The chains aren't bad, but after the intensity of the KRA they can feel like a bit of an afterthought, and getting the leftover gold takes a little too long for an afterthought-ish part to hold attention.

It's almost a really cool map, just a little bit off. Still good though! Nice to play a KRA again
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I choked hahaha
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early opinion

not sure this mine is necessary, already gets quite hard at that point? Enjoying it though! Been so long since I've seen a KRA that I almost didn't remember what it meant, really fun to play one again
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far too difficult
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This map

is so hard to get the rocket to follow you the whole time, let alone complete it.

Yeah, the chainguns are there for anyone who wants all-gold; no one sane would be able to pick it up in one go-around, I don't think. The second time around you don't need a rocket on your tail, so it's not necessarily harder, just a different challenge.

It does require some more precise maneuvers than I wanted, but not quite sure what to do about that :/ You just gotta find a route that works for the KRA section and run with it.

This is hard.

I like the tiles although the map looks a bit too open.

Not sure if i suck at this or if it's just hard but i can't manage to complete it normally. The start is kind of annoying too. And i'm horrible at evading chainguns. I have no idea how to do that at all.

What exactly is the use of the chainguns? Are they to make the map harder if you missed some gold and want to retry getting it or something?

And yes, i'd like to do a collab! I'll just make something random and then post a paste on some old map by you.
If anyone can manage an AGD in one circuit — keeping the rocket alive the full time, ya know — they'll get a serious dedication. I doubt it's feasible, but please, feel free to prove me wrong....
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