08-2: Joints

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff countdown unrated
Created 2015-09-06
Last Modified 2015-09-06
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Jesus Christ

I hope you're watching these demos, dude. Cuz your maps have it out for me. So many beautiful rocket dodges, and then...

Love the tiles, the gold, overall construction. The exit switch room was superb. I even like how the rockets can come from other rooms, terrifying as it is.

The bottom areas didn't work for me as well as the top did, though. I think they were a bit too cramped, a bit too difficult to maneuver the rocket in, or maybe the rocket placement could've been a bit better. 4.5 down.
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So I was thinking

Until NUMA is reanimated, our only method of map sharing is via the forums. Has the creation of a NUMA subreddit been considered? It'd be much more convenient in regard to thumbnails and submission and would also allow for proper commenting and rating.
i sent you a pm

Du bist Admin!

Krasser ScheiƟ! :D

Cool map

A little hard to move around on but i really like the style.