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Author Drakostax
Tags author:drakostax collab highscore rocket secrets unrated vanquish
Created 2015-09-08
Last Modified 2015-09-08
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
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Description A collab with Vanquish [].

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(ps I do realise it's a collab -which is why I wrote the way I did, as I'm familiar with Van)

Recent numa maps been great.. I don't think there are many more art subjects more inspiring than temple shapes on mountains -which I'm guessing your map is about which I really like. Another subject people love is curvy slides like on MarqueroHenri's recent map. So yea I'm pretty pleased


No problem, sent another request.


It's got some great bits — I loved the top section — but the tiles are just a bit too clunky to navigate for me. Especially trying to get out of the rocket pit, there's so little room for movement.... Fun map overall, but I think it could use a bit more polish.
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Ooh, hey there!

Been a while sir.
Love how this looks — feels like a little monastery out in the inhospitable crags or somesuch. Gameplay seems a bit choppy, but I prolly just haven't found a good route yet. I'll keep at it.

Oh by the way

What ever happened you your episodic series on your old profile? Are you ever gonna continue it?

Slow AGD

Twas fun collabing with you my good chum! I really like how this one turned out.

Also just noticed this is the first map you have submitted in a year and 2 months
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Speedrun!... sorta.
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