Final destination improved

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Tags author:marijnenandries playable race rated
Created 2006-01-01
Last Modified 2006-01-01
by 21 people.
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Description This is the same map, but it is improved now. You should be able to walk on now. Completion demo will arive shortly

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lol dude chances r u loaded a demo. just press W


When i play this map like i do with any other, N moves all by himself. He blows himself up on a mine...

Still very fun

Thanks for fixing the laser drone thing. A few of the changes I'm not liking though, but still a fun map. 4/5



What the...

This map seems to be glitchy.. or is it supposed to do that?

Thanks to all

Thanks for rating. There is one sniper who takes my map down, can someone please give me smthng high to compensate...

Still good

Although I think the beginning part with the thwumps was better off before than now...
It's still getting a 5/5 from me!
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that is hard to do... died too many times, but it's very good.
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5/5 awesome

this map bursts with great ideas, one of the most innovative race map i've played yet. unfortunately it's still quite confusing, i had to watch your demo before playing. no way giving it anything else than a 5, though.


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