08-3: Floating Fortress

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Author lifdoff
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Created 2015-12-12
Last Modified 2015-12-12
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So I will be posting newer stuff too, but I kind of want to get the upload of this done.

This is one of my favourites from the pack, so enjoy!

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I know I can get the all-gold, and way the heck faster than this run, too. I was being very cautious, not that it helped. Cheatsy rockets. I absolutely love this map — the bottom is just SO much fun, especially when going quickly — flying up those little archways, barely kicking off a bounceblock to survive the fall... good times. The top wasn't as great, but still tons of fun. The gold chambers were well constructed to let you dodge the rocket, but it's still a bit tense. The ascent on the right was by far the weakest — just not a satisfying climb. I woulda just left it out.

Eh, sorry for the ramble. Great map, 4.5 up, faved.
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Bottom was kinda unforgiving, but not a bad map.