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Author ska
Tags author:ska finals higscore mitochondria qualifying unrated
Created 2015-12-17
Last Modified 2015-12-17
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Description Highscore map for the qualifying round of (Blur 5) finals.

*Contest Has Already Ended; video of winning runs for this round are (here).* []

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Fun demo!

:) Thanks!


Classic ska
Demo Data


thanks a bunch. trying to clean out the reviewer roster currently since nobody seems to really be here


you've been inactive for quite a long time and i'm considering removing you from your reviewership position. are you ok with this? i'm cleaning house currently to revitalize the site, so if you want to stay just tell me and i'll leave you be, so long as you're more active


And today I was like "Hey let's go back to that small game you did maps for and check out if you got any comments". Seems I checked the right time. Even if I am long gone, thanks for the feature anyways!


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sub-400 speedrun
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