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Author blacklef
Tags author:blacklef lil rated scuzzy
Created 2016-01-14
Last Modified 2016-01-14
by 5 people.
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Description self-referential plastic

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so good

Agree with macro on the exit key position, however everything else really worked well together.
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This is lovely.

5aved. And an AGD.
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You have an NaN'd mine though.


I hope I didn't sound too negative. All in all I really enjoyed this. :)

There's a thin line

between intense and overwhelming but you got the difficult just perfect! Love the simplicity and the effectiveness of the rockets. The position of the exit switch is the only thing I'd critisize. You either have to activate it at the beginning which doesn't present a challenge at all or you have to drop down and climb up the whole thing again. I think it would have been cool if you had placed the exit switch a few tile lengths below the door.

Looks good!

Can't wait to play this one. :D