128-1 Tectonic Shift

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Author Meanapple
Tags author:meanapple ded eddymatagallos episode simple unrated
Created 2016-01-21
Last Modified 2016-01-22
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Map Data

Description Ded to EddyMataGallos for all the cool runs he did lately :)

This is a rather empty map, but I made it with the intention for players to complete it as fast as possible.
I think the flow is good enough for that

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Demo Data

fun map

I love this tileset.
Demo Data

typo, dunno how that happend
I also get these feelings.
also @Tempus_Fugit naice

there's something

oddly satisfying about this tileset. Dunno why.

P.S. sad day? I'd say I couldn't change my pic for a sad year or more now.

Slick map!

I'm having a tough time getting the gold in one swoop, but love everything else. Gorgeous tiles, fun jump. Great quickie.
Mm and the profile pics should be easy to fix, will letcha know.

It's a sad day to live when you can't update your profile picture