Digital Upkeep

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Author XandoToaster
Tags author:xandotoaster jumper level playable unrated
Created 2016-01-27
Last Modified 2016-01-27
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Description This was 123btbll on v2. I made this one and 124btbll using the same tileset. Most people were telling me they thought the other one was better, but I wanted to upload one of them to NUMA and I liked this one more so :P

123btbll: []
124btbll: []

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Oh, 1.4...

And here I thought I was getting used to the intricacies of 1.4 glitches.
Also, got a sub 400 speedrun using Cineva's route (barely).
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Hey Xando just some information, you can slip through ANY oneway that's next to a sloped tile, whether it's straight or curved, unless it's abouve you, but always if it's on the floor or vertical (like this one).
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I tested for completion when I was porting it, and AGD looked like it would be the same, but I thought I'd make sure.
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Aww, what?!

I even tested that wall before I posted this, just to make sure it would work. :P
I know the laser can shoot through walls in a couple places, but that was the only glitch I found, and I didn't think that was too level-breaking. Oh well, such is NUMA...

Crummy speedrun.

Watch out for v1.4 glitches!
I'll try for an AGD later; looks a bit frustrating, though. We'll see!
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