09-4: Parasite Communion

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Author lifdoff
Tags author:lifdoff countdown rated
Created 2016-01-29
Last Modified 2016-01-29
by 6 people.
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And that's it! All of the pack posted. This is one of my favourites, so yeah enjoy. I hope everyone who played the pack enjoyed it and I would love to hear some more detailed reactions from you guys.

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I got really sad.

Cuz I was going to write a spontaneous review but I was demoted. :/
is being insulted by the lack of any demos. So have a complimentary agd on the house :)

Great map, very precise, and it really hits my soft spot for minejumpers.
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quality. Seen as we're both fans of the Meatlocker map Check it out, I found a similar monster =)

Awesome map

I don't know if you saw, lifdoff, but I did, after ages, put my comments on your mappack on forums.
great map title, you hit on all sixes here. great job~!

Oooooooh shit!!!!

Countdown is over! What will life be like without it? Fun mappack, I enjoyed many levels. Excited for next-gen lifdy


Requires a bit much precision for me, but it seems well made. A bit more variety woulda been nice, but there's not a ton else you can do with that sort of tileset. Looks stunning, too. 4.5 down.


what a way to finish a mappack!